RAF Cosford October 2017

Twenty-eight of us, including club members, partners and friends, set off up the M5 by coach on a wet Thursday morning but, by the time we reached Cosford, the weather had relented and the rest of the day was dry. This enabled us to enjoy the outdoor exhibits as well as passing from hall to hall without the need for umbrellas. The range of exhibits together with a pictorial timeline of the history from the early days of military aviation in World War 1 up to the era of the ICBM and moon landings is extremely impressive and comprehensive. Many were astonished at the size of aircraft such as TSR2 and F1-11.

Commercial aviation is not forgotten either from early days of seaplanes through the piston-engined era of the DC3 to the Olympus 593 engine for Concorde. Several of us were taken back to our working days in the Aerospace Industry with memories of programmes we had been involved in. All in all a great day out with thanks due to Colin Wyatt for organising it for us. We look forward with eager anticipation to the visit he is arranging in February to the new Bristol Aircraft Museum!


President Martin with M45

…and Olympus 593

Consolidated Catalina